Standard Life Aberdeen PLC (LON:SLA) has been around for almost two centuries so it is far too old to be having a mid-life crisis.

It may possibly, however, feel it needs to update its image and get down with the kids, because it has announced its intention to change its name.

Apparently not content with its proud Scottish heritage, the company has gone all Welsh on us and dispensed with vowels in its news name, which is to be Abrdn.

Some wags have already suggested that mobile phone network EE should do the same and expunge all vowels from its name.

The new Abrdn name is pronounced Aberdeen, which reminds me of the joke English language exam paper that was doing the rounds in the seventies that had the question, “Spell the following city names: Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Aberys Abyristw Abbyerist Swansea …”

It remains to be seen whether the new name will stick, unlike Royal Mail’s ill-fated attempt to get on the meaningless gibberish bandwagon name with its Consignia name change, which was soon consigniad to the annals of history.

The name change “will be part of a modern, agile, digitally-enabled brand that will also be used for all the company’s client-facing businesses globally,” the company’s statement said.

BP logo 1961-1989

No details have been released on how much money will be spent on this rebranding but the suspicion is that the company might have gone to the same design company that was paid a king’s ransome to come up with a new logo for BP and essentially ended up changing the colours a bit and putting the letters BP in italics.

Still, Norwich City supporters were pleased, which is more than can be said for most of Norfolk when Norwich Union rebranded to Aviva.

Anyway, lesson learnt … in 2000, BP went for a much more dramatic overhaul to a logo that emphasised its green credentials, only to see those dubious credentials blown out of the water 10 years later in the Gulf of Mexico with the Macondo oil well disaster.

BP logo 2000 - present

Going back to Standard Life Aberdeen, “a subsequent announcement will be made when the company’s name change becomes effective with a revised stock ticker.”

I wonder what the ticker will be? My guess is STD.

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